Terms & Conditions

Faddons.com License
All Faddons.com extensions are released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html). Specifically, the PHP code portions are distributed under the GPL license. If not otherwise stated, all images, manuals, cascading style sheets, and included JavaScript are NOT GPL and are released under "Faddons.com Proprietary Use License" unless specifically authorized elements of the extensions released under this proprietary license may not be redistributed or repackaged for use other than those allowed by the Terms of Use.

Faddons.com Proprietary Use License
The "Faddons.com Proprietary Use License" covers any images, cascading stylesheets, manuals and JavaScript files in any extensions produced and/or distributed by Faddons.com. These files are copyrighted by Faddons.com and cannot be redistributed in any form without prior consent from Faddons.com.

Refund Policy
Faddons offers 7-days module exchange guarantee in which any of our customers can use his/her paid amount to purchase any other module, provided that he/she hasn't downloaded the purchased module. It will not be possible to accept the refund request. If he/she purchases a module which has a lesser price than earlier module then balance amount will not be paid.

In case the customer faces some serious issue after installing our module, admin and FTP details are needed to look into the issue. Please note that Remote desktop or Teamviewer access are not allowed. Please don't buy any module if you can't share admin, FTP and database login details when required. We will offer a replacement for the module if we are not able to resolve the issues in our module. It will not be possible to accept the refund request.

The customer gets 7 days of time from the date of purchase to test the module on his store, after that, no replacement request will be considered.

Customer is requested to check module description and demo very carefully. After purchase, no refund/replacement request will be processed if he doesn't like the design and feature of the module or if the module doesn't work as he expected.

Support Policy
You will be able to download future version updates of the module for "One Year" without any additional fee but free support will be provided until your free support period ends. For any kind of customization in the module, you need to pay an additional cost.

You can extend your support period at any time but it is recommended to select preferred Support Period at the time of purchasing the module to avail Support service at a discounted price.





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